Abvufer Without Power

Подключение пассивного

I bought a car like that, 10th luncher. And it would be all right, but the state audit training was weak. And the basss kept wanting better. So at the start, I was just wondering if I could do another idea. Sabovere to the state magnetoly♪ Since there was no exit from the original magnetol, and it was not desirable to coerce in it, it was decided to use the exit to the rear dynamics. And as my multi-year practice has shown, it is in most cases quite enough. A lot of people were even surprised that it could play without a surgeon. When I heard his sound, my friend talked me into selling it, and I had to do the second one, but with some improvements. As we did last time, our family 25GN-26 was naturally refined by my methodology.

The main difficulty in the construction of the shell is the slope of the inclined line, and it is necessary that the drawer be as tight as possible in the rear face of the trunk. The shell was designed to be driven in a car of length (skis), i.e. half of the seat could have been thrown away. If there is no need to do so, the shell may be increased in order to achieve greater impact, and the length of the phaser may be recalculated.

In the past design, the phaser was made of 2 sewer pipes with a diameter of 5 cm. Actually, it's not enough. For all canons, the opening area of the phaser shall be about one third of the dynamics area. Now I've decided to significantly increase the section area and, ideally, the same pipe with a diameter of 10cm, but I didn't want to drill and a calibre with a size of 16x3cm and a long 47cm, a little later, it had to grow by 15 cm. The exit wound was slightly rounded down the perimeter.

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