Отдам колонки + сабвуфер Sven

There's a rope on the front of junior 15 where you can rewind it in the branch and how much would it cost? ?

I'll buy a monoblock like that.

Who can make acoustic crusts in the ls

I'll sell Sab the Infinitive 1260s + the infinitive plus the wire! 7,000 shirts

Hello! I'm wondering where you can repair the dynamics in Branske?

Hi, I'm interested in a sensory car car on the Androyd, I want to put Nyssan's car in 2013.

Class D, 200 Watt, collected 1 channel for testing, started collecting the second

I'm on order, 2*15 watts, to play in the garage, without a radiator, will fall into a pack of cigarettes:

Sub X-Over (active) PHF for saboufer)

For a couple of hours, he collected another power unit, this time not online ) and 12 volts, a power of almost 500 wattts, if the tranchors were to change the radiator, will be used to feed Class D militants to a vehicle, 2 channels to 150 watts

The appearance is over!

The home stereo I'm in the hull from the 2nd channel:

By the way, the surgeon itself is 500 watts in 4 omas.

The group's wall is empty.

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