Active Acoustic 5.1


Since the invention of the first multi-channel system of Dolby Digital in the 1980s, spatial coding and sound reproducing technology has been firmly introduced not only in the professional but also in the home audio equipment.

An increasing number of signal transmission channels have been used in acoustic production to maximize the realization of the rich world. To date, the most popular format to create a home cinema, acoustic format 5.1.

Active 5.1. Acoustic SVEN is created with the latest audio signal processing technologies - both lifeStyle, unique design solutions and Classic models, which are close to Hi-Fi.

Sabbfer and satellites are perfectly balanced and create a harmonious, holistic sound source of your home cinema 5.1. Most models are equipped with a full-function remote control remote control remote control.

The acoustic series 5.1 SVEN allows film fans to enjoy impressive sound effects, clear, sound size, and melomans to feel the atmosphere of the concert hall, the jazz club or the rock playground.

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