Sabwefer For Home Cinema

Встраиваемый сабвуфер BG RadiaSabbfer performs two critical functions in the home cinema:

  • Reproduces low frequencies on the lower boundaries of the sound range, until the feeling that the strike is not heard by the ear but is felt by the whole body
  • Ensures that the remaining sound frequencies are purely reproduces due to the absence of a more weaker modulation, as well as a level amplitude-frequency and undetected phase of the signal due to the lack of vibration of the body of the basic acoustic system

Sabbfers, as well as acoustic systems, may be classified as:

Shells and builders

Закрытый тип сабвуфера для домашнего кинотеатраCorpus saboteurInstalled saboopher

This is a box of sizes, with one or more dynamics, with or without a built-in booster (removed into a separate hull) with the possibility of adjusting the input signal, the signal phase and the intersection frequency, i.e. the determination of the range of the saboteur frequency when the input signal is received.

All hull sabotages with the power extinguisher are installing class, which shall be constructed by a specialist.

As an option, the sabotage can be equipped with a digital DSP processor, to accurately adjust its parameters to a specific location, often combined with a microphone calibration complex.

Such saboophers are the most expensive of all existing ones, their scope is personal films and very high-level home movies.

The installed saboophers have the same functions as their hulls, but have a small depth suitable for fitting in special floors in construction and are generally equipped with a dried-up force. Otherwise, they might not give up the hull models.

The built-in saboophers are mainly set up in American film models, and in systems where the acoustic should be as visible as possible.

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