How To Collect A Sabvuffer Plug

Before I start my article, I mean, if you have strong nerves, a lot of free time, some skills in electronics, you like to listen to very loud music in the car, a powerful bass, and you're willing to spend a lot of money on this project, it's for you!

The idea of creating an enhanced power force was long ago, but owing to lack of time and finance, the project was delayed. And this summer... holidays... It was decided to translate the idea into reality and it was spent exactly three months to do so, as there were great problems with the details, but without that, the force complex was successfully assembled and tested.

First of all, I want to explain the meaning of the word "energy complex." The point is, it was decided to collect a high-quality vigil who could feed the entire automobile audio system.Мощный авто усилитель своими руками The whole power part (power force) had to be combined under one roof, resulting in 5 separate 680 wattts, not mixed with Chinese wattts, 680 net watttts of rated power, the maximum power of the system reaches 750 watts.
The requirements for the complex were that.
(1) High sound quality
(2) High output power
(3) Relatively simple design
(4) Low cost compared to the price of plant systems
(5) 10 - 12 dynamic heads + sabove
Five separate power escalators, including a high-quality Lanzara escalator, were used to feed the sabvuffer canal.

Below are the parameters and series of microschems used in this assiliter.
TDA 7384 - 4x40W (2sheets, total microschem power of 320 wattts or 8 channels, 40 watts per canal)
TDA 2005 - 1x20W (2x10W) (2 grand, total power of 40 wattt or 2 channel 20 wattt)

The above microschemes are intended to feed the frontal acoustic. This decision is the most cost-effective, for the purpose of creating a forcer of this kind, and the money costs may be presented at the end of the article.
The hardest part of this kind of silo is the voltage converter, it's for food. Abvuffer forceI think we should start with him.
voltage converter

It took me two weeks to make it.

The voltage transducer (currently PN) is based on the traditional TL494. It's a two-track SIM high-precision controller, a domestic equivalent of 1114EW3/4.
Microschem doesn't have an extra power outlet. The extra cascade is built on low-powered transcripts, and the signal is on the field key closures.

Мощный авто усилитель своими руками Мощный авто усилитель своими руками Мощный авто усилитель своими руками Мощный авто усилитель своими руками

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