Acoustic Systems

Встраиваемые акустические

Entrade Distribution became the official distributor of Manger Audio in Russia

The Russian company Entrade Distribution reported a new brand in its portfolio, the German acoustic Manger Audio. The model row of Manger Audio has passive and active models of acoustic and polish systems, as well as walls and walls acoustic systems

Manger's acoustic is different from Manger Sound Transducer. The reversal of traditional development principles, namely the porous dynamic regime, was a decisive factor in the creation of these dynamics. Instead, Joseph Manger, the founder of the company, used the principle of scattering waves from the diffusor centre like water waves.

Each Manger Sound Transducer is produced manually and receives a unique serial number after all the checks have been completed. The emitter has two sound ropes. In parallel, they use aluminium wire, aluminium casing and copper equalization rings. This solution allows for a long and extremely light roll. In broadband vents, the maximum operating speed is +-3.5 mm and the total weight of 0.4 g.

The magnetic system consists of 15 non-modth magnets with a total magnetic field of 1.32 Tl and an air lock of 0.95 mm at the diameter of the shell itself 70 mm. The central part of the radiator diaphragm is not rigid, as usual, and therefore does not absorb the energy transferred by the cat and thus create additional distortions.

However, Manger focuses not only on the sound of acoustics but also on the outside: the company considers that acoustics are an integral part of the interior and therefore offers a glass or matte paint on the RAL or NCS palitram, as well as a selection of several versions of the shrine.

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