Acoustic Boss

Акустика Boss Audio

American BOSS Audio is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile electronics and acoustics with a head office in California and production capacity in Korea and Taiwan. BOSS AUDIO SYSTEMS seeks to distribute its products worldwide. In a car, a yacht or a boat, "Entertain Yourself" calls BOSS.

BOSS AUDIO SYSTEMS is one of the five world ' s most successful motor-power manufacturers. By the 20th anniversary of the company ' s successful business, the main direction of development was definitively defined: it should be products with better prices and opportunities that embody the latest technological developments.

An important detail is the attractive and modern appearance of devices. BOSS may also be considered a fashion legislator. The wide-ranging product row you can see today is the result of petty work, which is aimed at producing several episodes of electronics and acoustics with different combinations of opportunities and functions but with the most attractive design.

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