Bluetooth Acoustics

брызг Bluetooth-акустика

Gyroscouter 10 with bluetooth super price 5700 Hrv!
SmartWay Smartwey (minis sigway, hyrobor) P 4284 (with large wheels)
There are many thrives!
2 in 1 - entertainment and transport in one device. You can get to work, you can float around the streets with jealousy. It's easy to wear, it's comfortable to load, it's convenient to drive. You can listen to music on trips.
Lithium battery / 36B/4.4AH
Engine power / 2 x 350W
Charging time / 1-2 hours
charging requirements / AC 110B-220V/50-60Hz
Maximum speed / 15-20 km/h
Minimum and maximum human weight / 20-120 kg
Maximum distance / 15-20 km
Maximum recovery angle / 15-30 degrees
Divorce radius / 0 degrees
Wheel radius / 10 inches pumped
Bluetooth + acoustic for music
Work temperature range / -10°C - 40°C
Colour / black, blue, fire, graffiti, hip-hop
Weight of gyroscuter Netto, Brutto / 13, 5 kg; 16, 5 kg
Diarrhoids / 66x27x25, 5 cm
Packing parameters / 72x32x36 cm
*3 microchem managers, each wheel and one general synchronization and management
There's a charger in the kit, a handbag, blutooth.
Spare parts, batteries, fees, repairs! Delivery to Harkov as well as transport companies to all cities of Ukraine! Light

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