High End Acoustic

These AUs can be boldly connected to an electronics two or more times - fans of accurate, academic sound and living classics will receive a lot of pleasure.

Arslab is acoustic systems produced under the auspices of the Russian company Audiomania (one of the largest domestic distributors Hi-Fi / High-End Audio Technicians). The right business/production scheme and the scientific approach allowed the release of the High-End AU at a very attractive price. Today we hear Arslab Classic 2.


As is the “classical” loudspeaker, the acoustic looks strictly, concise, carefully and perfectly solid. Attention is drawn to the inaccurate quality of the assembly/office (usually the product of the higher price segment). The Corpus looks completely " dehydrated " . The cabinet is resting on a special charade platform. There are two options for separating the " black glazing " (in our view the surface is more efficient, but the surface is sensitive to scratches and fingerprints) and the " black ashes " (more practical, mat).


Arslab production is based in Riga (Latvia) - the quality collection and control process is conducted according to European standards. The shell is constructed from the MDF thick panels, which are particularly " separated " at the current station with the CPU. Everything else, the firm uses manual work.

Deeply deflected corps is one of the most important hei-end loudspeakers. Arslab Classic 2 is not a " furniture item " with dynamics inside. The shell has a highly calculated geometry and has three levels of dempphing: mechanical partitions, batums (shall be attached to the shell walls) plus special acoustic polon (produced in Denmark).

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