Active Acoustic

12.09.2012 Активная акустика

" The language that hits the heart, not the ears "

300 The power of the portable acoustic system TEMEISHENG K6-15 solves any of your sound problems. In a room or on the street, in a big concert hall or in a tiny studio, TEMEISHENG K6-15 gives the listener a clean and saturated, natural and “coustic” voice and music, which is clearly heard and in front of the column and 100 metres from it, and right and left.
Perfect choice for any room.

The problem of poor acoustic space is often capable of making a useless even costly column. You turn on music at home or, say, in the yard, and you can hear it. It's cliffy. The bases are too loud, high frequencies are on their way to you. Automatic sub-location or environment makes an active TEMEISHENG K6-15 a unique solution to universality - you don't need to build anything and know professional inclinations to just turn the column and get the most satisfying.
Can we get some music with us?

Forget the wires! If you need good music outside the city, on a trip with your friends, or you just want to give a concert in the middle of the field, don't rush to get upset about the lack of pink around here. The built-in powerful battery provides more than six hours of active service without charge. All you need to take on the road is a column.
Ergonomical and Steel Design

The designer of the TEMEISHENG K6-15 column has not only taken into account our musical and audible needs, but has also made it into a stylish and whistle-blower that will be a great addition to the interior of any studio or house. A reliable plastic hull, along with a hand and a transport wheels, is a great solution on the road.

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