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MB2 SE is the second model in the SE line with the same dynamic and transparent sounding as IB2 SE, with greater detail at low frequencies - acoustics is capable of easily and unintentionally bassing up to 20 Hz. The construction of the Radial(TM) bass drive with rigid and efficient metal exoskelete guarantees high resistance to mechanical and temperature loads, which are always characteristic of large NF dynamics. The cone has a perfectly rigid structure, and the exoskelete ' s " caps " act as cooling elements to prevent overheating of the dynamics. 20 Hz-25 kHz Frequency range: 89 dB 1 m Frequency of cross-section 380 Hz and 3, 8 kHz Intake resistance 8 Om Efficient Transmission Line length 3 m Lighting tri-wiring / tri-amping Colonki Dimension: 870 x 380 x 550 mm (S 50 x G)

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