Active Computer Acoustic

Мощная активная акустика 2.0

The original computer sound card was invented for accompanying, non-natural sounds, such as service message alerts, audibles accompanying games. There is no sound quality to wait. As everyone knows, computer acoustics are divided into active and passive. Passenger computer columns are connected to the silenor of a computer sound map (as they do not have a built-in force) which is designed only by the headphones. So the sound quality is bad, and the sound is small.

The selection of the acoustic system depends on the level of desired sound quality. From the top two columns, to the complex systems of 6 sub-contracts that make the computer a multimedia centre. The systems are also characterized by the output power, which determines the sound volume.

Active computer columns have a built-in booster, so you don't have to take care of the sound loudspeak. Active columns will cost more passive, but sound quality and loudness will always welcome you. On our website, you'll certainly pick up a column that will combine an acceptable cost, sound quality and beautiful design.

We are also prepared to offer you a great choice of acoustic systems. Even the most demanding buyers will be satisfied with sound quality and acceptable prices. The format 2.1 computer columns include two satellites and one saboopher, one of the most popular configurations, because it combines good quality sound and small cost. Satellite is a column, small size, which reproduces medium and high frequency. Sabbfer is a column that is usually larger than a stallit, with only one base dynamics that reproduces all low-frequency sounds.

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