How To Build An Active Saboopher

DB3D is the true bass from the compact hull. If you need a perfect strike, but there's not enough space on the floor, your choice is DB3D. This high-quality saboopher is capable of producing unexpectedly deep beans from an extremely compact and incredibly rigid body.

Two 8-inch bass divers with Aerofoil in the opposition, balanced configurations work from a 1,000-vattile vigiler in class D to give a strap and a deep bass.

Like all the new SBS, DB3D is very simple in construction and management, thanks to a special mobile application accessible to both iOS and Android devices. This annex provides guidance on the location, construction and search of malfunctions, and can also be used to manage the exits and loopholes of audio regimes♪ Room EQ allows for the optimization of the sounding of the saboteur under the conditions of your space by using a microphone built into your smartphone.

The DB series is the most perfect saboophers ever released by Bowers Wilkins. Continuing the tradition of a fabulous DB1 sabotage, each of the three models uses new digital technologies and new materials borrowed from the end of the Seria awards acoustic systems 800 Diamond. All three models have enormous power, are equipped with Aerofoil diffuses and an entirely new Digital Companion Section with the Dynamic EQ system.

Dynamics: 2 x 200mm (8in) Dryver with Aerofoil in opposition configuration
Frequency range (-6dB): 8.5Hz - 500Hz
Frequency range (-3dB from 100Hz): 10 Hz - 350Hz
Max. vent power: 1000W Hypex in Class D

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