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8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнутьEveryone knows that any, even the most amazing experience can be explained. That's right, but the admiration and admiration of children don't diminish. And adults are happy, too, making little discoveries with the babies.

They've identified eight amazing experiences for you, from which the spirits of both children and adults will be taken. We're sure that you understand, they won't get bored.

Egg in the bottle.

We need eggs, a bottle with a throat diameter smaller than eggs, a thin sheet of paper and a drop of vegetable oil.

Experience: Can I put an egg in a bottle, not a bottle or an egg? It's possible if it's peppery. But we'll try to do it with the usual. That's why the eggs eat the egg and clear it from the shell.8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть See a bottle of vegetable oil. Burn the paper and put it on the bottom of the bottle, and then put the egg on the pot. When the paper goes off, the egg will suck in.

What's going on: The fire burns oxygen in the bottle, and it produces the diluted air.8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть Lower internal pressure and normal ambient atmospheric pressures act together and push the egg into the bottle. With its elasticity, it's waking through a narrow throat.

Fontan from the cole and Mentos

Two-litre bottle of diet Coca Cola and 5-6 Dr. Mentos.

Experience: If you don't smash the whole house, it's best to have this experiment on the street. Mentos fights should get into the bottle at the same time, because the reaction begins almost instantly.8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть To that end, they can be put on a burnt-out wallet and let them slip into the bottle, and even better, put one behind the other and put it in the ring once. One more important thing is, try to get a little more stunned so you don't want to get under the sweet fountain.

What's going on: The thoracic surface is causing carbon dioxide dissolved in the drink to be actively released. The bulb is bumping, and with its power, it's a fountain.

Soot paste for elephant

Need: Plastic bottle, tray, dry wood, 6 per cent hydrogen transfusion, food painter, liquid soap or washing fluid, water.

8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть 8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть 8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть 8 волшебных опытов, которые заставят детей ахнуть

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