Acoustic Systems For Home Cinema

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The home movie theater has been strengthened in our lives. It's hard to imagine a modern renovation of an apartment without a job, a home cinema system. What should be taken into account in planning the future of KFOR, given the forthcoming renovation of the apartment?

So, any home movie theater consists of sources of audio and video signals, their machines, television or screen with the projector, and a set of acoustic systems. As a rule, the acoustic system set is based on a 5 plus 1: 2 front ACs, 2 rear ACs, 1 AU central canal and 1 saboveer, which is responsible for the lowest sound spectrum reproducing system. The role of each AU, its location in the space of the room, and will determine the set of work to be envisaged in the planning of the renovation of the apartment.

Frontal AU is the most important component of the entire acoustic system. They can be on the ground, on the ground and on the wall. Using a reciver-to-return wire on the AU frontal acoustic may be accommodated and normally placed freely. Pure acoustic means two ways of accommodation: on special stops (and then the cable can only be left on the floor in the future) or on special walls. In the latter case, acoustic cables should be provided for the repair period to the front AU in the wall, and conclusions from the reciver should be arranged through special acoustic loopholes. Typically, such pinks are present in all modern electrical collections.

When the frontal AU is deployed, it should be remembered that, in relation to the listening position, the location of the addressee in the room should ideally form an equivalent triangle. This is the most complete future after the renovation of the apartment to ensure the depth of the sound scene. Note that front columns (especially if they are bassists) should not be located close to the wall and in the corners of the room. This can be avoided by the establishment of low frequencies when their number is also added by the sound of the natural acoustic of the premises. The positioning of the front AU along the long side of the room may also be beneficial to the overall sound picture.

Less critical to the deployment of the AU with the removal of the port of fazoinverter to the floor or on the face of the acoustic system.

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