House Saboteur

Сабвуфер MB Quart домашний со

I'll sell two R13 winter wheels and SVEN home sabvoir
099 261 68 89.
Or in the lens.

The wheels went away for two weeks. The rubber is perfect. 3000 wheels + trade

Sabbfer: 5,000 roubles+ bidding
Interfaces 3.5 mm (Mini-Jack)
Acoustic format 2.1
Network food
MDF body material
Total power: 38 W
Sabbfer (RMS): 18 W
Satellites (RMS): 2x 10 W
Sabvofer frequency range: 20 - 300 Hz
Hotels: 100 - 20,000 Hz
2 satellites;
2x RCA / 3.5 mm-siginal cable
Two built-in acoustic cables
Fixed network cable
User manual

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