Sabbfer In The Sedan

As I promised Volode V.G., there is now a 100 per cent blending in the eyes, as every type of body has planned to measure all possible options for sabowers in the trunk. The only car with which a partial flank came out is Chevlrolet Cruze, there was no option nine. There were two more cars we missed. One is Vectra A with semi-filled saboophers-free air (experience would not be indicative) and the other is the Isuzu Bighorn, which has a wealth of installation on the floor of the bandwidth from a large number of forces and sabvuffer down the center:

In this review, I'll try to get through every car. To that end, I've compiled graphics for every car in big pictures to get into one position. I want to point out that, at first glance, graphs within one vehicle will seem very similar. However, the devil travels to Prado hiding in nuances: it is very convenient to take one frequency at which the vertical line has been set and to compare the frequency with different schedules. Then the difference will be visible.

To be clear, I won't sign every word. Abvuffer location In the trunk, I'll show you this:

Look, the positions are numbered around the clockwise from the left rack. The ninth position is the center of the trunk, the dynamic upwards. Positions 6, 7, 8 are the most intact in the trunk. Nos. 6 and 8 simulate the dynamic strips to the salon. Examples No. 7: Installation of a saboveer into the back door of a Land Rover Freelander of the first generation, or Gelandwagen, or something with a side-by-side slide. In the hatch, you can repeat that, just growing up on the floor of a volcano with a dynamite in the salon. Actual for those who do not need a trunk)

The diagrams for each machine will be exactly the same sequence:
2 3 4
1 9 5
8 7 6
(the numbers will also be marked on the right of each schedule)

All right, let's go! Let's start with the most ambiguous cars of this test from the sedans:
For example, Peugeot 407.

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