Abvufer Compact


The quality of small premises (bars, cafes, restaurants) is a difficult task. In order to ensure uniform sounding throughout the space, several important factors that affect sound diffusion must be taken into account. It's a reflection of the waves from the walls, floor or ceiling, and their position in space, etc.

Specially, compact acoustic acoustic devices have been developed for limited premises. Their particularity is the ability to adjust the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the acoustic system in limited spaces.

Such systems shall be rapidly and easily switched to a position of operation (all minutes). They have a small weight and dimensions, but they are equipped with everything necessary to conduct discotheques, musical shows at clubs and concerts.

Typically, compact acoustic auxiliary equipment consists of an active sabotage (sometimes two), with a controlled frequency, a number of stellite columns reproducing medium and high frequency and control. The pulse, in turn, includes an electronic sound level controller, a microshine (mixture) of signals from various sources (microphones, players, computers, etc.). Finally, the remote is equipped with a sound quality improvement system (reverberation, panoramic sounding, etc.), an equatier (multiple layer regulator). It is also common to have a sound and light-effect processor, a VH display, ankles to connect additional devices.

Schematic equipment and the elementary base of professional compact systems are developed taking into account possible mechanical and climatic impacts, transport and other adverse factors. Despite this, compact audible devices provide a high quality of sound transmission and the required sound image at different points of the room.


To buy a dispensary or an optom compact acoustic, leave an application on Deep Sound or contact the company manager on the phone. Our buyers received the best feedback from the company products: American Acordo, Dyna, Erjk, Voice Systems.

You can order not only the quality product of known trademarks, but the installation of the premises. Our specialists will go to the site, assess the parameters of the club or café or, perhaps, the country house, then develop and implement an individual installation project. For wholesale buyers, delivery can be free.

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