Class D Sabove

As I promised, we'll continue the cycle of legendary forces of the past and present. This time, we will describe the difficult fate of Class D PHM, the original development of bulb diagrams, and the DIY machines for those whose hands have grown from the torso.
When I created the material, I tried to dismiss all the information value from the masterpieces of audiovisual journalism, dry technical descriptions and comrades like Neal Gader, Harry Pearson, Robert Green. As in the previous material, I have sought to find the basic characteristics and basic designs of these devices, as well as the prices (at the time of production) that are often detracted by modern authors.

Futterman H3 OTL - you just need to throw out the exit transformer.

We'll start by tradition with the warmest light bulbs, from the 1950s in the United States, where in New York City, the inventor Julius Footterman (Julius Futterman) has developed one of the most original light militants of his time. In 1954, there was a light OCF lamp Futterman H3 OTL, a feature of which was the absence of an exit transformer.
In the original diagram of the Futterman booster, the converter ' s converter was not connected to the ground, but to the exit of the forcer. The 100 per cent EOC of the cathode repeater Futterman H3 OTL was compensated by a 100 per cent PIC through the phaser converter. I wonder what a unique scheme (and highly valued descendants) has developed, not a professional engineer, but a self-smoker radio.
The reason for the need for an original solution was that about 30 to 35 per cent of the cost of bulb militants during those years came from the daytime transformer. That was a very significant factor, given that the first militants were manually produced.
With the design decision, the cost of the booster was slightly higher than the cost of self-assembly kits and was about $180 to 200, which today is the equivalent of $ 1600 to 1,800, given inflation. In addition to the substantial price of the product, innovation freed the UML from (such as some audio profiles and guitarists) the characteristic sound colour.
It should be noted that the relatively small cost of the booster was near-universal.

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