Power And Sabove Connections

Схема подключенияExample of Kenwood KDC-4051URY

I'd like to share a solution to the problem of switching off magnetols without exits to the forcer (the test is relevant for many low-cost magnetols)

Buy. force and saboveer In my car, I've encountered a problem that there's nowhere to connect it, since only 11 wires have been stuck out of the magnetol:
8 wires - dynamics,
1 wire -Pcont,
1 wire - Inclusion of an antenna
1 wire - MUTE wire.

I wanted to take a way out of one of the channels, and put it in the vehicle. But there's a problem with the internal protection of the magnetol. When the pre-energy switched the magnetol to the vehicle, the magnetol was cut off with the sign on the porTECT screen.

Further sorcery with magneto has not yielded a positive result. ♪ ♪

At that time, it was decided to use the magnetoly switch to the motor vehicle, but it was not directly connected to the fact that the magnetol dynamics should not be contacted with the power minus (Figure 1) (the mognitole would leave in PROTECT or burn the exit microschem).

If we untie through the resistance, we'll hear the ginger. The solution to the problem was to connect the output disconnector to the exit of one of the magnetol channels (figures.2).

I've taken the left rear channel, regulated the volume of the sabvophere can be controlled by the volume of the rear dynamics. A transformer can be taken from a small Chinese receiver 220-12B. 12 vomits connected to the magnetol exit. Modified resistance 10 Com is needed to control the input voltage level of the force (if there is a control of the input signal in the assiliator, the resistance may be removed from the diagram). This is a low-cost solution to this problem against the purchase of a new magnetol.

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