Stereo Forces

Стерео усилители

A good and very good machine for its price. As far as the sound is concerned, until it's warmed up, it's slightly out of the upper middle, making it very detailed. The base of weight and informative at the same time, the depth, really, doesn't shake: There's a little bit of douche to the bottom, I'd like to be filled. It's great with the Audio Silver 2. The vocal takes flesh, and the musical images sometimes become real. David Gilmore's cellphones sound magical at all. And that's because the acoustics aren't warm at all. Power with fur (room area 19 square metres). Toncompensation is only up to 7 hours on the power controller and temperature control is only 9 hours. Next is the magic button "Pure Direct." Purchase is very happy.

I've got the first, only the reciver. When the first connection, you hear the difference, after three days of work, the sound of the same. Thank you for consulting, which is what this surgeon recommended.

Ilya K. Great.

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