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Неизвестные советские автомобили, которые не попали в серийное производствоThe view is that the Soviet car did not spoil the variety of models. That's fair. However, few know that very promising models have been developed in different USSR automobile plants in different years, which for different reasons have not yet fallen. Today, it is about unknown Soviet cars that never reached Soviet cars.

1. NAMI Luaz “Proto”

In 1989, in the USSR, such a machine could have been serialized. She was positioned like a four-way SUV. The machine was equipped with a reinforced steel carcass, which was closed by the removable panels (which greatly facilitated repairs). The seats in the car were so arranged that there was one broad bed that occupied almost the entire salon.

2. NAMI 0288 Kompakt

This car was supposed to be the first Soviet Mini. Kompakt was assembled in 1988 in a single copy. It had such indicators: a maximum speed of 150 km/h, gasoline consumption of 6l per 100 km. In addition, the vehicle had an on-board computer that was responsible for the suspension and other elements. NAMI 0288 The Compact occupied a 5th vehicle in Tokyo (in 1989) of the 30 couplings represented there. However, the speedy collapse of the Soviet Union has set a final point on the issue of the implementation by NAMI 0288.

3. SIS 112

At the Stalin plant, Soviet engineers tried to create decent sports cars for domestic production. Of the seven options developed, a SIS-112 model should be identified (later ZIL-112). A legendary Buick H90 was inspired by this construction vehicle. However, ZIS 112 had its own style. His length was almost 6m and he weighed a little less than 3t. For this reason, the vehicle was not suitable for the ring races and was changed.

4. Moscow 408 Tourist

In 1964, Moscow 408 was created, which can be found on the roads of the CIS countries. However, there is little knowledge that a young brother of the car, Moscow-480 Turist, was established during the same period. The model was performed in an unused form for Soviet people, a body-cabriolet. The vehicle had an electronic fuel injection more powerful than the conventional Moscow engine (63 l.s.) and a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

A significant shortfall was the removable plastic roof that was not in the trunk, which required storage somewhere in the garage. It should be noted that, at that time, all production facilities were occupied by ordinary Moscow 408, and the Turist model, which was produced in only 2 copies, was still not replicated.

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