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A modern computer acoustic should be able to deal not only with system signals, but also with a movie star, the sound of a video game and, of course, with music.

First of all, we'll agree on concepts. "Multi-medium acoustic systems" in this text, we will call any acoustic kits focused primarily on connection to a personal computer. At the same time, the PK may be any, ranging from gambling and high-profile desktops to light laptops and nukes.

Of course, that doesn't mean that such acoustic systems They cannot work with other sound sources, such as portable players or home music centres. This means only that the designers initially relied on their acoustics to be used in a couple with a computer, which imposes a number of specific restrictions.

First of all, such columns are designed to be as universal as possible, i.e., they should be able to deal with both the sound accompanying of computer games and the movie star, the various genres of music and, of course, the system signals (sniff).

Multimedia acoustics are generally located in the immediate vicinity of the PK, and therefore no classic requirements for the installation of, for example, home-based acoustic systems are applicable. This means that it has to make sound of acceptable quality even at the wrong location of the listener. However, the statistical set should be available at the cost to any computer owner. Agree, a difficult task for the designer.

While the vast majority of the usual domestic acoustics are passive, almost all multimedia kits are active acoustic systems, that is, they have a built-in power force. Normally, it is located in one of the columns or in the saboteur, but there are kits where the forcer is carried out as a separate unit.

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