Sonic Acoustic Systems

Sony ZS-BTY52CNew wireless acoustic systems from Sony make it as easy as possible to connect portable gadgets on Bluetooth, which is now carried out literally in one touch. All we need is a player or a smartphone like Sony novels to support NFC technology.

A personal musical player working on headphones, which can always be carried directly on the belt or in his pocket, recently fixed his 30th birthday. Sony, offering a device called Walkman, was a pioneer in this area. In the early 1980s, a tape record was used as a content host, and the player was invariably in relation to the home stereo system on which the tapes were recorded.Sony SRS-BTX300 In three decades, not only has the switch to digital formats for music recordings and the distribution of content files, but the approach to housekeeping has changed. Today, the proposed internal memory of a smartphone or a portable loser is sufficient to keep a medium-size background. I mean, all your favorite albums can be with you all the time. The portable gadget, however, remains strictly personal, working exclusively on headphones. In addition, the compactness of such devices, as well as the need to ensure long-term autonomous work from the battery, imposes severe structural restrictions on audio-practice. As a result, in order to achieve an acceptable quality of sounding, it is necessary either to be satisfied with the headphones or to transmit music to external audio systems, including portable and wireless active speakers. Particularly because such devices do not limit mobility and convenience of portable gadgets. They can be easily taken to a picnic or party, and the use of the Bluetooth wireless protocol for the transmission of the signal (the full sound transmission is provided by protocols A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP) allows for absorption from the design features of the systemic layers of a diagram and a smartphone. In addition, Bluetooth is ideal for communication of mobile devices, since it is self-sufficient and does not require, for example, an active wireless network, as in the case of Wi-Fi.

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