Soviet Acoustic Systems

Interest in old radio technology manufactured in the USSR has increased markedly in the last year. In particular, announcements about the sale of acoustic systems (AS) of those times are often enough. But the price for such an AU causes confusion due to its apparent overstatement.

I'll try to visualize my impressions on the quality of soundproofing some of the most popular models that have passed through my hands (and most importantly ears).

For the sober valuation of such AU, I shall consider that:
1- Remove them in the rectangular room of the apartment;
2 is the source of the signal (IS) and the power force (PM) of such weight that their replacement into other models will not change the general view of the AU.

For visualization, I will build a schedule with a 10-blank scale divided into three sectors where the green sector is sufficiently soundproof, yellow is the lowest minimum that should not be lowered. Red is not recommended for consumption (millions).

Советские колонки

As you can point out, the most qualitative " S " I have listened to is a living orchestra, which rightly receives an estimate of 9.9 points (in one place they played unnatural, and I, as an impartial judge, reduced the scores).
Of the other AU ' s submissions, only 50AS-061m (ibid. 75AS-065). 7.9 valid points. It's probably just a hundred model. But what I didn't listen to, I won't judge.

The most favoured sector of all Hi-Fi producers is Yellow. Any Hai Fai for your money! More and more manufacturers, for allegedly high-quality AU, produce beautiful furniture with predetermined dynamics. That's what you want to say.

In fact, this sector is thus the minimum necessary (primary) sound level, where the AU-produced sound is easily recognized by a mass listener not only as beloved performers but also as their tools. It is in this sector that there are hot baths on the advantages of a colour in the sound and loud statements of another victory over a deep bass. The number of zeros in the declared AU power is proportional to the number of zeros at the price. The size of the second or third harmonic in the sound at the outlet of such AU manufacturers are silent as partisans during questioning. That is why I believe that this " yellow " market supply segment has a very high price for the product (show).

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