Acoustic 2.1 Review

Обзор Sony MHC-ECL99BT

For some categories of people, acoustics become complete only if there is a separate bass column. Acoustic systems 2.1 with a saboteur are usually more expensive than traditional multimedia stereolic, but in the case of Microlab TMN-9U, this difference is not so marked: the average cost of the model in the Internet stores at the time of publication of the material is 4,600 roubles.

Total Microlab TMN-9U

Naturally, the price is not the only reason for this review. We were also interested in finding out what quality sound performance could be given to this acoustic? As you may recall, the previous review of this manufacturer ' s acoustic system ended on a positive note: Microlab has definitely made a standing two-channel system. But what about the acoustic sabower? That is what we will try to answer in the 2.1 Microlab TMN-9U review.

In addition, in Microlab TMN-9U there is a built-in MP3 player with USB copyers and SD card, which we also test.

Complexation, appearance, design

Acoustic system to be delivered in a cardboard box, which is in Microlab style. Inside, you will find the two columns, the saboteur necessary to connect the wire and the Russian instruction.

Most of the package is, of course, a saboophere, very resembling cube (226 x 225 x 264 mm). His only dynamic is closed with a metal grid, the left wall has a fazo invertor tube, and the right one is interfacing. The saboteur has legs with additional amortizing linings from the rubber. On the perimeter, they're diagnosed with silver stripes, and at least the style reminds Hi-Fi machines.

Sabouper fan

There's a control panel on the right side of the saboophere, all buttons, strips, tomblers and regulators on the plastic lining. Broadcasting and NFs, cables, SD cards and USB Cop, system application key and non-removable power cable. Separately list the MP3-pier control buttons: Play, switch to the next and previous track and Mode button (cycling from USB to SD card).

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