Acoustic Heco

External superiority

Heco Elementa has a rectangular hull profile with highly rounded front lines. Dilution options two: black and white, both of which are completely mathematical. Finally, it's a fashion to a glacier who likes to collect dust and fingerprints, and it's also making the finest scratches. I'll tell you, the mattress doesn't look cheap. On the contrary, the acoustic just won and looks real and modern. Esthetics also add magnetic grill fixtures that make façades of no excess openings.

The shell itself is made of the MDF and has internal instructions to increase strength. Acoustic processing is a fazoinver, with two ports of special aerodynamic shape fixed in the shell by means of shuras. In contrast to the senior models, Elementa ports are made of plastic covering aluminium.Тест напольной акустики Heco Elementa 700: по-немецки практичный добротный средний класс It looks practically different from the real metals, and their shape is basically identical.

And with the grill and without it, the acoustic looks the same good.

Thick aluminium platforms outside the shell are attached to the shell. The stitches or scissors with rubber ends are wrapped in the speaking parts. Both are easily regulated by high-speed rotating pens with a large diameter: there is no need to put a hand under the acoustic, to find the key and to experience other inconveniences.

In the best traditions

The Elementa line in the Heco catalogue emerged from the optimization and rethinking of the Celan Senior Line. In order to reduce cost, engineers not only simplified the shape of the shell and replaced the aluminium phaser to plastic, but also harmonized the emitters. Celan has average frequencies reproducing a special rover with a gophreated tissue suspension similar to a vintage broadband, and Elementa has an appearance of PM and NH emitters the same.

The medium-frequency unit is equipped with a diffusor of long-slope cellulose with a large vacuum ring in the centre

Both have conical diffuses from a long-local cellulose with a large dust-proof box in the centre and a soft rubber suspension of a semi-circuit section providing a large-time service. The latter is, however, only relevant to the bassoons, but by definition, the medium-frequency unit has a smaller working move, in addition to Elementa, it has a more turbulent centrality, which gives more control but less freedom of movement.

PM- and NF-dynamics are identical external, but the average frequency has a lesser degree of freedom at the expense of a more susceptible centralized shaib.
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