Acoustic Technology

Техноэласт АКУСТИК/АКУСТИК Супер

Product description

The Acoustic Techno-Elastic is a rolling sound-insulated material for the noise-isolation of inter-stage closures. The material prevents the spread of impact noises that pass through the building. Technoelast Austic has two types:

Acoustic Super A350 sound hydrosulation material shall be made from a glazing chassis, on both surfaces of which there is a bucum-polymeric rod, with a layer of soundproof thermal insulation on the one hand and a metallic film on the other side. The metal film used in the material improves the thermal insulation properties of the audible shell.

Acoustic C B350 - sound insulation non-core material with self-cleaning side-wheel. The material shall be made by gluing a blunt, blunt, metal-produced polyether film with a sound-insulation foam. A self-destructive sidewall is further closed with silicone film. The metalized polyether film used in the material is highly resistant to the procrastination and prevents the moisture of the audible layer in cement and sand.


The acoustic technician is used as a sound-insulating layer in accordance with the requirements of CNIP 23-03-2003 and SP 51. The most common material is used in the interior separation of the spaces for a " floating " sex, heating floor and floor on the foot, and in the installation of intercommunity partitions.

The acoustic acoustic soundproofing device lays a sound-insulated layer at the base of the entire inter-ethnic overlap plane without the formation of the locks. In the case of floors on the bases and partitions, the material shall be cut on tape and placed in contact with the base. Acoustic Super A350 is a hot air phenomenon. Self-destructive sidewall at Techno-elast Acoustic C B350 It's a slide. The thorns are glued by the self-destructive Lelta Hermetics.

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