Acoustics 7.1

Neocinema's company is happy to offer its clients home movies 7.1, a professional sound in your house! Cinema We propose:

  • Architectural design and design
  • Acoustic calculation and noise insulation
  • Integrated equipment selection
  • Construction and cleaning
  • Decoding
  • Paper, construction, programming
  • User training with the system

The acoustic system 7.1 for the home cinema consists of a central channel, two frontal, two rear and two side dial columns, as well as a sabovere. Additional side columns help to spread sound evenly across a large area, making movies equally comfortable from any point. Acoustics 7.1 is an important condition for the quality of the home cinema.

The acoustics for the home cinema 7.1 may be built, hinged or combined (consignment in one set of scattered and built-in columns). The choice of some kind of acoustic depends entirely on your wishes and the intended interior. A large number of columns for the home cinema 7.1 are presented in the modern market, not only in terms of technical characteristics but also in appearance, which allows for the fitting of equipment in any interior!

House cinema 7.1 is a tool that is perfect for spaces of large space. It is usually chosen by tempted customers who wish to create an elite first-class movie hall. Of course, for the small living rooms, you can also buy a house cinema 7.1, but according to the project ' s feasibility, we don't recommend it. If you have a small, strictly limited budget, it makes sense to focus on the usual set of 5.1, but to consider a higher-level acoustic. As home movie theater 7.1, whose price is markedly different. ♪ ♪

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