Infinite Acoustics

Акустика инфинити для авто
Wild animal
When I was a kid, I had a T-shirt with that inscription. Moving like a wild animal.
And somehow I loved that expression. I didn't know where and when it could be applied, but I liked it a long time ago.
Now about cars.
That's how it got to be on a very different car. Of course, everything started with VAZ 2106, and then there was a nine, Nyssan Sanni, Nyssan Terrano, Nyssan Premier, Folkswagen Passat, Dow Mathis, Ford Tanderbird, some sporting Crysler, I don't even remember the name, I just remember that it was a red two-way with a black necklace. I like to change cars without insisting on one.
Now, in the midst of the crisis, I had to sell Lexus 570 and cross the FX45 in 2005. I had claustrophobia for the first month. I felt very uncomfortable in a little cokepit, and the question is, I can't put the sun visor down without him sneaking into my forehead was really annoying. The absence of a trunk and a fairly large fuel consumption has also not caused joy.
Well, there's a slash... ♪ Well, it looks pretty aggressive enough... ♪
As is accepted, the pros and cons are:

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