Steal Acoustic

Автоакустика урал

This video was made on purpose.
Dynamics tend to fall into the hands of newcomers, guys with no experience. Dynamics break, vomit, et cetera, et cetera. Although in itself, the pin, a very strong dynamics, with a wide range of reproduction. Depends only on how you consider the box.
- She's new.
Machete and Machetea are already washing and washing them. FX with stubs. Juniors with lamb baskets, DST is burnt, not even enough to swab as they've already brought coals.
Bulava's a new sab that hasn't had a chance to get hurt. A video of how you can listen to the CROTICs and how to listen in everyday life.
It's not record, it's dynamics. Although 144db's in the day-to-day, universal box on 38gs, it's DPKEEP!
These numbers, they remember, people were putting on SA15 from the 1.1000 cupcakes. Moving salon objects. It's just a box and a dine wrapped in the trunk of a saline. Two marshmallows in the salon. It's exactly what we have in our lives!
Guys, please, don't do any of the best, prime or aphard or aria.
With direct hands, not a small number of dynamics can and can, and with curves, any dynamics can be turned into garbage.

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