The Difference Between Coaxial Acoustic And Component

Чем отличается коаксиальная

It's been a long time since the presence of a magnetol in the car was not a necessary element. Today ' s motorists spend too much time in the salon of their elusive horse to remain indifferent to the quality of the sound from the dynamics. State-owned automagnetics don't go all the way, so some advanced melomas are equipped with a 3-part automobile salon, taking the trunk with a huge saboopher to feel the bass.

What? Acoustic system Stop the choice?

In order to determine what kind of sound system is to equip a beloved means of movement, it needs to be clearly understood how important sound quality is to you and how much money you're willing to break up. Based on the combination of these two factors, acoustic choices are needed.

Types of autoacoustics

  • The coaxial acoustic consists of a single-line NH/PH and tweather dynamic, it is simply edited, and the range will vary from very simple columns to progressive options;
  • The automotive component acoustic is harder, its installation is better placed to trust professionals. There is a system of broadband dynamics and dynamics of PM, which is the type chosen by the pricers of sound quality.

Component acoustic system

The first-class sound shall be achieved with the correct installation technology. The high level of sounding can be achieved using the following:

  • Front (former) acoustic - component acoustic
  • Coaxial acoustic

Frequently advanced dynamics are different from those installed by the manufacturers, and special sub-inductions must be taken into account. In this regard, Ural ' s component acoustics are very successful in the regular size of cars without requiring labour-intensive refinement. For example, the URAL (Ural) model AS-C1327K is easily installed in the salon of a fine lung, and the URAL (Ural) brute version AK-74. C will be easily in C or D.C.

In order to buy a component acoustic in the automobile and achieve a price and quality balance, we should approach Ural Sound. Our product has proven to be in the auto-sund and daily audition in the lounge. The traditions of the first-class car are counted from Soviet radios, and the seven-year production experience provides quality assurance.

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