Active Saboopher Mr

Активный сабвуфер Mystery

Good model Use Test: Over a year Simple installation. It's easy to adjust in the saba. Disein. Short wires. Comment: A decent Sab for his money he's worth. I put it in an hour and a half, it's all set. I bought the previous reviews and didn't regret it. It's in the outlander, it's working out.

The user concealed his data

Excellent use model: several months It's a great deep bass, good sensitivity, working without delay, different from Chinese Brads. Well collected, after Mr. and the Kicks are very happy with the true English brand and sound, it's worth the Dead: The size is great, he's all standing on the drip now, but the art requires the victims. In some years, the force blocks are not treated with expensive repairs. Comment: Without regret, I spent the same second car.

Excellent use model: less than a month. The sound quality, the appearance, everything to connect. The price is very pleasant. Insufficient: The absence of a protective bar (grille) shall be considered to be shortcomings. wire in kit It's only 5 meters, and it looks like they're thin, even though if they're put in a kit, I think they're gonna have to survive. Comment: I have Edge EDB12a-e2 Active. He chose between him and Kicx ICQ-300BA. Split the entire Internet (not much help), listening to saboophers' cars, going to the auto-star shops (generally pointless, sold to the nickwids) and finally bought this orange box. I'll tell you right now, if you're gonna listen to the bass, you're gonna need a decent magnet, not Mr. 1500. I've seen a lot of vocabulary, dudes on the spot five didn't have windows in their neighbor's houses. This sab isn't for this, inside the salon (VW Polo Sedan) the interior is shaking, but the number just rings outside, and the trunk covers. Set a 63Hz cut on the Mayfun, the same lower threshold on the columns. It was almost a concert sound. I don't think there's gonna be any more noise. Sab didn't take the kid's rap, so the saba itself had a third, a little hay and a 70 Hz cut. I don't like sound or appearance. Great choice.

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