Active Saboteur Fusion

Recently, our attention was drawn to an interesting model of the acoustic system from the Defender, Fusion M45. This sound-proofing device has been created specifically for heimers, which have so far become so hysterical to all things, that many players focus not only on the schedule but also try not to lose the sound effects created at the top level. All of this is covered by other companies, which thus provide players with different gadgets that give even higher value to the sounding of effects. This time, the Defender released the Fusion M45, which is characterized by its low frequencies, which give some effect. Remind me that we have recently protested the game headphones that also released the Defender Company.
It is no secret that the Defender ' s company tends to focus on the world of the game industry, and almost monthly produces increasingly new and qualitative gadgets that might be interested in a gay environment. So let's move to the device itself:

Acoustic System of Defenders Fusion M45

Diesine and kit
So what do we get when we buy this game audio system? This kit is probably traditional, that is:

  • Sabvofer
  • 2 satellites with two dynamics
  • DM water remote with loudspeaker and audio-wave control for headphones
  • Separate cable with tulips
  • Transition
  • User Instruction and Guarantee Chalon

Disein is very good. The saboopher itself is made of a tree, which cannot be said about stallits, and the yellow colour of the dynamics only gives more weight to the black body of the audio system. The satellites are painted in the same colour as the user can please. However, there are many secrets in this beauty, but that's a little later.
Sabbfer got himself some sort of bracelet, which keeps a little bit of the device inclined. Loud, high and low frequency regulators were located at the top. Looks pretty good.
It should be noted that the volume can be controlled by a remote control wire. We'll talk more about him later.
The satellites are carried out in the same manner, slightly inclined. I wouldn't say that this has had so much impact on the sound quality, but until we stop.
As usual, there's a set of tulip connections in the back.
Let's make a little design conclusion. It's done pretty well, and it's vomiting to love the gays. Everything looks very decent, no extra parts, it's all on its own, and the yellow color in the dynamics gives some raisin to your user.

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