Arrangement Of Active Sabove

Как подключить сабвуфер к китайской автомагнитолеAutomotive connection depends on the type of acoustic chosen for installation. Low-frequency loudspeakers have lower sensitivity than the fried and high-frequency. In order to ensure soundness, an increase in the output signal from the motor vehicle shall be required, and for this purpose the signals which may be connected in the system separately or built in the sabvuffer itself shall be used. If the wires for the sabotage were not in the kit, it is possible to purchase a ready set of wires at the store or to buy a power wire, preferably with double insulation. It should be stored by attaching to the burning of a road wire using plastic, plastic fastenings or isolates. Connection instructions active or passive sabotage to the automobile. Do you have any questions? Write it to us and we'll contact you! However, magnetic editing has a number of features. It's important not to mess with the poles. It's a very important moment in the installation of any magnetol. If you connect a magnetol with a plus a car lighter and a minus with the lights of the lighter, the magnetol will, of course, operate when the magnetol is switched off. After the wiring in the salon, all the dismantled lining elements can be returned (and even needed) to their seats. Phase three. From the salon, the wire goes to the trunk, too, through the technology hole, if it's not, it'll have to be drilled again. However, each actuation of the position lamps on the illumination of the lighter will generate a flow by force of 12B. At the same time, or your magnetol will be " silent or automatically burn the safety of the dimensions. How to set up a magnetolo on its own and fast, in the view of many professionals, it is safer to connect a magnetol to a safety unit rather than a car smoker. The active sabotage no longer needs to be connected, and the passive sabotage requires an acoustic cable of at least 10 Ga (e.g. DAXX S30, which is levied from the surgeon to the helms on the sabvuff, unless a sabotage cup is used. I can see that the saboopher and the surgeon demanded no space, so many put them in the car trunk. However, the wires may be red and black, and the cars of red and white. Another way... ♪

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