Best Active Saboopher

ЛучшийNot only has EISA been recognized as the best sab 2013-2014, but we also note that there is no better and functional quality. Active hull saboteur with a built-in three-channel force and an audio-processor. A very original and qualitative saboopher in the trunk. You can be built under any of your cars through USB.

Strong, practical and functional. Bandpass with the forcer. No one has a built-in booster on three channels: 1x165 Wt for the sabvuffer and 2x65 Wt for frontal channels and the installation under your car. It's practically still a stimulant and erected stereo and sab in the sabvuffer hull.

The sabvuffer is intended to be supplemented first. acoustic system AHF low frequencies between 10 and 150 Hz in order to prevent state systems from reproducing sound in the NH range. The second thing is to strike the power of acoustics sitting in the salon and outside. Practically the standard was the capacity of 150 Watts of sabvage systems. It's a lot or not to decide on the consumer. On the basis of experiments, 90 Watts have been shown to be under pressure in the vehicle as normal for periodic audition, and more quickly leads to deafness. The council from the, don't ever get into power.

сабвуферThe best saboteur has a built-in surgeon and a natural crossover. Some of the best features of reproduction and operation.

The price for the Russian consumer is also impressive from 26,600 roubles.

It's just connected, and the built-in digital audio processor (DSP) will do everything qualitatively for you. Acoustic bandpass.

It's a very convenient hull of a tranny section to secure the trunk.

It's convenient and practical. For your car, you can best build a 3-channel digital audio processor through USB.

There's a 7-poly parametric evaliser and very good cross-stars for all channels. In addition, the diagrams of understandable construction of time delays and compressor-expander.

What's that? Through your computer (even through MAC). USB-deal.

There's a ready set from a pro, and you can remember.

How's the volume running? Through the DM remote.

Main entrances and exits and technical characteristics of the 2013 best sabove for Focal DSA 500 RT:

Power of the built-in booster (max.) 2 x 120 W.

Power of built-in booster (CEA-2006, 14, 4 V, 4 Oma, THD+N PER 1%) 2 x 65 W

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