Sabwefer Computer Columns

Какие колонки

The computer columns provide sound escorts for films, games, audio files when they are reproduced from PC or laptop.

Types of computer columns

Columns may be active and passive♪ The active devices are integrated with a more qualitative sound, passively designed to connect to the laptop and require additional feeding.

Depending on the configuration, computer columns of one of the following types may be bought:

  • 2.0. They're the simplest sound-proofing devices without a surge;
  • 2.1. The price of computer columns is different. They're suitable for home and office use. They may contain one or two dynamics, as well as a saboopher responsible for the removal of low-frequency sound;
  • 5.1. These columns select the heimers, which allows them to be fully loaded in the game process. Devices are equipped with several channels and can be self-sustained with a home cinema;
  • 7.1. They have two front and rear columns, one central and abbreviations. Looks like model 5.1, but gives a better sound.

When purchasing computer columns, reference should be made to such parameters as:

  • power. There's a picnic musical and medium quadrant. Columns with the last type may reproduce sound for a long time without distorting it;
  • Frequency range. The optimum frequency for columns is 20 to 20,000 Hz. Modern models tend to operate between 40 and 1800 Hz, which is sufficient for comfortable listening. The computer columns with a lower frequency will make sound with unpleasant track and sipping;
  • Number of lanes. One-stop columns are equipped with one dynamic, two-semi-sex, etc. There are acoustic systems with three or more dynamics where one is responsible for low frequency reproduction, the other is high, the third is medium;
  • control. The control panel is normally located on the " face " side of the device. In some models, the columns are either side or rear.

Computer columns can be bought on the Eldorado Internet store. The order of delivery on Moscow and other cities of Russia is made by telephone or by private office. The price of the computer column varies in a wide range, so a suitable model can always be found in the catalogue.

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