MS-136BT Bluetooth Портативные

In recent years, we have seen a real boom of small handheld columns with built battery and wireless mode. Couldn't have done a battery and Bluetooth before, ask you. The point is, it seems that producers chased by a lacunae and a " transparent penetration " sound have been awkward that portable columns will be in demand.

Cross-cutting themes, portable acoustics are very " human " , in the sense that without claiming unbelievable performances, either as loud or as a sound or something, it offers people a fairly good sound sound in a very convenient format. And people have been voting roubles for several years for this most successful combination of functionality and quality.

What's it worth to look at, choosing wireless columns?


First of all, we need to figure out why you need these columns. Are you going to take them with you on picnics and trips or are they gonna be on the desk at home or at the office?

In the first case, the most important criterion would be compactity and lungs, because the column size with the average female bag and weighing 1-1, 5 kg is not special. The optimum option for a mobile column is the weight in the area of 300 to 500 grams and a compact ergonomic hull to be comfortable in the bag or even in the pocket.

On the other hand, larger acoustic systems are objectively capable of reproducing a more qualitative and powerful sound, and where there is a sufficient space, they offer additional opportunities that are not readily available.

Sound quality and capacity

Then we move smoothly to an important parameter like sound quality. Looking at the dry numerals of characteristics, it should be understood that acoustics with a compact force working from the battery are in principle unable to produce a really strong sound, but to maintain sales, large numbers are desirable. That's what the manufacturers are trying to get higher. In general, according to the capacity of the sound, the general advice is not to pay particular attention to the characteristics (at best, two products of one producer at the level of " quieter " or not always). The only safe way to listen to your ears.

The quality of the sound is similar. Unless a characteristic such as the number of dynamics can be used as a guide. If the dynamics are one broadband, it is highly probable to be worse than the option with a single high-frequency (twitter) or low-frequency.

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