Acoustic Systems 5.1 For Home Cinema

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Modern home cinemas allow quality sound in the most progressive formats. But there is an important condition: the elements of acoustics must be placed in a strictly defined manner, and there are certain requirements for accommodation. Let's just say what we have to do to get the greatest pleasure from watching films and videos.

Perfect place for home cinema

Clearly, for the home cinema, we don't build a separate building, and we don't always have the opportunity to separate a room. However, it is worth knowing how the perfect space under the cinema should look. Maybe you can take all these requirements into account in the construction of the country house.

Geometrics and space size. The best option is a rectangular room. The screen can be located both at the centre of the short and long wall. It is easy to note that almost all public cinemas have such geometry, and that's not random. A rectangular form allows sound distribution, but we will be back later. The ceilings should be flat, no straw. The slope of the ceiling is allowed, but then it must be behind the audience. The room shall be symmetrical, its ideal size shall be at least 35 square metres. All for the AU frontal dynamics.acoustic system(d) The required distance remained before the first chair. There will be no rooms of incorrect geometric shape (G-shaped) with spicy suspension ceilings.

The best place in the acoustic will be on the axis of the room. A big mistake will leave the passage through the room's axis and place the chairs on the side.

Doors should be mandatory. In the first place, in order to ensure that theatre doesn't have any outside sound and only in the second, so as not to disturb the sound of people in their surroundings. On the inner side, the door shall be tidy with soft material in order not to create an extra walk.

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