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2014-11-12 06-33-08 (26)Some authoritative German studio masters prefer to use soft columns, like Hi-Fi systems, to make a sound like a common denominator and not to annoy the client that a mix in a studio shop sounds a little different from his home. I think it's not right at the root. If the columns sound too good and soft, it would exclude any possibility of accurate adjustments. Because it's not gonna be easy to feel a little change.

The monitor must sound very precise and true, and it must reproduce the entire hearing range from 30 Germans to 25 Khertz in a strictly linear manner.

Specialization, depth reproduction and transitional characteristics should also be very precise and at least very good.

Mastering an engineer must work with some sort of acoustic microscope. There is no such characteristic as " It's not bad " for good monitors. An advanced engineer sometimes buys only one pair of columns as a reference and does not have any appliances like a boom box.

However, there can be no speech about moving to a conventional acoustic system with an active volume regulator for an ephameric purpose such as sound testing.

I would like to quote Herman Gira of the SPL, who briefly describes my attitude to this topic: " The closest sound engineer or engineer is the true sounding of the material in monitoring, the more objectively judges the work done " .

This quote is all about it. This is the way to speak of a signal tract, monitoring, and acoustic of a studio workshop. The closer you are to the truth, the more accurate and effective you can work.

Passenger columns

Passenger columns require an external power force. With passive crosses, the whole spectrum of frequencies is divided into several lanes depending on the number of dynamics. For example, a 3-mm column has 3 NF lanes, PM and PM. At first glance, this type of column seems to be the best price-quality ratio. But after you choose a suitable force and cable, it's usually more expensive than active monitors.

If you've got good passive columns, try the different forcers. The difference is monstrous. If you're going to use passive columns, you're going to have to take into account the cost of a militant class award and an excellent cable.

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