Active Saboteur With His Hands

Automotive sabotage It just seems complicated, and you can handle it easily.

Engagement of active sabotage in the vehicle:

Any active sabotage has two linear entrances called RCA. With them, we'll connect the sabwers to the automobile. To that end, we'll need only a linear wire from a magnetophone to a sabvuffer, and two thick wires to feed the Sab.
We find two linear exits on the back of the magnetol, and they look just like the entrances on our sidewall. And we'll just connect the sabvuffer's inlet to the head restraint. So the signal's on, now the power's on. To that end, we need to extend the wire from a positive battery to a positive strap on the assiliator, the negative can be taken from the car body, the powerful saboves and the negative wire is desirable to be pulled from the battery. The battery needs a safety device.
All right, by the point. ♪ ♪

1. Connection of linear RCA-outs of magnetol with RCA bypass of sabvuffer (LOW IINPUT). The usual RCA cable is required (2 tulips - 2 tulips or a pair of tulip-tulpan cables). In the absence of RCA, we will be connected to HI INPUT.
2. Connecting power. Plus battery cable (through the safety) to +12B sabvufer (pit), minus cables from the battery (or from the vehicle shell) on the helmet of the GND. The safety is 10-20 cm from the battery.
3. Connection to REM wire on the magnetometer. REM is the wire manager. Behaves from a magnetol to a single REM calf on a saboophere, connects to a " blue/white " wire (see the instructions), which is ticked from the wires on the magnetometer, usually signed. There's a power supply on it when it's activated. It's possible to take whatever it is, the flow is minimal.

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Passive sabotage connection in the vehicle:

If you have a passive saboopher, it's easy to connect, too, but there's still a need for a surgeon. If you have it, let's get involved. Everything is also done, as in the previous way, only all connections will be made on the assiliator itself, not on the sidewall. But now there's another question:

How do you connect the saboopher to the silo?

And the sabvuffer connects to the savior very simple. We'll need acoustic cable of length, such as the distance from the sabvuffer to the silenor plus spare. Now, to connect the passive saboopher right, we need to figure out where the plus is the minus on the dynamics and on the assiliator, and just connect the positive exit of the surgeon with a positive low-frequency dynamics pressure, as well as the minus. Voila! Sabbfer's on.

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