Sabvofer Boston

In general, the publication of the saboophere test in the " theatrical " rubric is justified only because of existing stereotypes. The growing statistics show that sabs are increasingly acquired for systems 2.1, i.e. exclusively for the reproduction of music, more specifically its lowest register. However, the addition of the bass machine in the tract not only extends the range - distortions, air, volume are reduced when the salads are unloaded. Of course, if everything is in the room and in the best manner.

There are four models in the Boston Acoustics XB line of active saboophers, and the Sixth ranks the second highest. It's a pretty heavy machine with a 12-inch head in a phase-in process. The dispensation version you see in the photo is " superficial " and there is black ash, that is, matov black. Horizontal ribs are almost rounded to the cubic hull, which gives him an eye-to-eyed uniform. It is underlined by drowned underneath the upper level regulator. The metal grill, which is not very welcome, is always at risk of external resonance. The port of the phaser is out front, right next to the head. This clearly extends the area of possible sabotage in the room, but it should not be placed close to the wall. And another advantage, compared to those sabs where the diffuse and/or port look down, the sound pattern does not depend on the floor surface.

On the rear wall, I found high and linear entrances, as well as another RCA disembarkation, allowing a signal to be circumvented by a built-in crossover. I must warn you that bypass is not being done to widen the lane upwards, the sabvophere should in no way be " talking " , i.e. grab a voice range. Otherwise, there would be an echo that would cause a marked deterioration in the readability of the speech due to the temporary disagreement between the Sab and the central channel. Thus, the rounding would be useful if there was an advanced bass manager in the reciver, allowing for more precise construction. For example, to change the steep of the cut or to smoothly turn the phase - only a 0/180 degree tumbler is provided in XB6.

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