Sabwefer Ratting

сабвуфер в машину

“Avangard has built on a new front in anticipation of the main force approach.” The phrase you can meet in the military chronic of all time.

Why does this happen, understand, to people of a lateral rank: the vanguard is easier and faster, came, secured, courageously reflected. But to move on (bearing and discarding) more heavy weapons are required.

The role of the avant-garde of the sabotage forces has been well played by affordable 12-inch Abvuffer from the test previous number. Their calibre is adult and universal, and the price is an indiscretionary, task that has been accomplished with a minimum loss. So why wait for the main forces?

That was already said, for the winning move forward. In many respects, the saboophers, which were roughly twice the price, outweighed the lung mobile forces that were built on the strategic front in the trunk. Which one?

Let's start with a lot of power. The manufacturers ' figures are in good faith reproduced by other characteristics, never forgetting to place an absolutely necessary hamster in the vicinity, cutting the disclaymer: " according to the manufacturer " . In theory, we could be able to get this characteristic ourselves. It doesn't take much to do this, so we can get a dozen things for every saboophere model to test us, and we're supposed to be able to figure out that no one will come back, in any case, in the right state. Because the power of a dynamic head isn't when it starts to be a little non-responsive, and when it gets a little unreliable. For each head we will be trusted to perform such tests, we will have to spend weeks, building the power where the head will work the time specified in the standard, different, by the way, for different standards, from 100 hours continuously to 60 s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-stops at minutes.

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