Satellite Hosting

Хостинг для сателлитов и домен

It's not a secret that satellites are radically different from ordinary human sites (SDLs). The main objective of satella is to create a Web page and the more pages on the website, the better and the higher the earnings. As is well known, the simple text takes a little space on the disk and the database, so the first difference. Dorve hosting - a relatively small disk quota that is sufficient to accommodate a good hundred, or more satellites.
Also, the site ' s attendance is irrelevant, because the content, and the whole site as a whole, is created for search systems, and we see the second difference. Specialist lodging from the usual web hosting for the DFS, websites generate a small load.
Regrettably, the time when the robot of the search system focused only on the content of the site, the ranking factors now include the web parameters of the site, the main of which is the IP. By finding "non-quality" sites on a certain IP address in FS, the trespass ratio of all Ip sites is dropping sharply, with different consequences: Starting from pessimization and filter, to complete exclusion from the search system index. So, third, and perhaps the most important difference between the tariff plan,For satellites." is the existence of a dedicated ip address belonging to you only by default of the services listed. With the designated ip address, you can be calm for your sites. In addition to all this, satellite does not need additional opportunities, such as SSL, SSI (excluding these services reduces the cost of the tariff plan), and easy work requires access to ftp and sufficient number of home and bases.

- It's a 500-Mb quota.
♪ Sufficient number of domains and substitutions.
- The number of MySQL bases should be equal to the number of domains to accommodate each site in a separate base.
FTP access, and a large number of FTP scouts for comfort and rapid stallit work.
♪ IP address available.
♪ No additional services to reduce the cost of the tariff plan

All these qualities are in our JSatellite tariff plan.

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