Stereo In 5.1

We press the right button of mice on the camp window and select the Modify stat Audio Channels. ♪ . ♪

Preset: Mono, Channel Format: Mono and fall into the field Number of Audio Tracks meaning: 2.

Look at the result of moving the clip to the time line:

54.In Media Browser, it is now possible to see the structure of the project and to open its contents.♪ Let's go to the directory where the projects are:

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We're doing a double mouse project, we're going to start a process: Connecting to Dynamic Link server. ♪

And at the end of the scan, we will have access to the structure of the project from which certain elements can be imported.

55. In Media Browser, an Import team (accessed through the right disk button) has been added to import the contents of SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

56.How fast can we get all the key personnel off the clip? Just disconnect the alarm at the parameter for which key personnel were deployed in the Effect Controls window.

And in a warning window: This action will delete existing keyframes. Do you want to continue? Press the button: OK.

Look at the result:

57.To add a reference to the text♪ Let's go to the titroval, pick a text tool, introduce an arbitrary text.

Further, in the Title Properties, we are going to the Strokes Circular Strokes (external leash) and put a tie in front of the item: Outer Strokes, then select the thickness of the leash, its colour, transparency, etc.

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