Sub-Offer 5.1

The tweather's sound cage is as smooth as possible, and a powerful ferrit magnet can clearly control its movements. Starting from 14 kHz, the corn tweet comes to help with a tape capable of up to 34 kHz. It is interesting that the hybrid module can be moved at 90°, thus receiving the central channel for the home cinema.

DALI ' s abbreviation still leads to the confusion of some column buyers. And, probably to avoid confusion, the new Rubicon line is lycrypted by abbreviations: Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries.

text Nikolay Balandin

The Danish company DALI was founded in 1983. In the short term, however, it was able to obtain international recognition of experts and ordinary musicians. One of the key reasons is their own, well-designed dynamics, with characteristic brown drifters from wood fibres. Another traditional feature of DALI is the use of two Twitters: corn and ribbon. This is the very new Rubikon line, which is positioned around the middle of the DALI model series between Helikon and Mentor. The new line inherited key technologies from DALI Epicon flagships. For example, the company considers the linear drive system (Linear Drive System) based on SMC technology (Soft Magnetic Compound) for the first time in the Epicon series and now used in the Rubicon line.

The wall columns combine the conveniences of the built-in AU, releasing the floor and the normal AU without requiring complex accommodation operations.

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