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же RC-10, только с 2-умя

Whatever the modern electronic sound recording and reproducing system is, whatever the recording formats it serves, united in one aggregate, at the end of it, the dynamics on the way out will be called it earlier. And it was first one, two, to reproduce high and low sound frequency in one box. With the emergence of stereophone gramplastics in the 1950s, the boxes became two separate for the right and left sound channel. The sound recording system has been improved, and now there have been few and five sound columns for the sound-proofing of the video and sound-proofing sound. The design, shape, sound column location in the hall.

Electronic engineers cooperated with physics - knowledge of sound dissemination laws. Difraction, reverberation, interference - terms from wave process theory - entered the engineering practice of sound system designers.

In the vast majority of modern sound columns (LC) are a set of two to three electrodynamic loudspeakers placed inside the shell of a rectangular form of 20 to 30 cm wide. They are calculated as a sum of sound fluxes between 18 and 20,000 Hz, with wavelengths λ between 1833 and 1.65 cm respectively. The wavelengths are defined here by a formula known from the initial physics class.

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