Hi-Fi Acoustic With His Hands

11Acoustic cable manufacturing technology with an air locker.
Continuation of Cable NordOst in Russian or Valhalla itself. To those who love sound and wish to improve their system, seek and test different options. Top models from NordOst for many dreams, that sound doesn't get confused with anything else. The prices of cables NordOst with Micro Mono-Filament technology are very high. What do you do to someone who can't afford to buy a technology miracle?

Study NordOst and make acoustic cable with your hands.!
The airflow between the conductor and the dielectric can significantly reduce the condenser effect. The power of the signal does not accumulate in the dielectric area, does not introduce phase changes in the frequency ratio of the signal. The signal speed in the conductor is faster than normal wires. The conductor's surface is polished for the best adhesion of the dielectric.

We start by finding a suitable cable, preferably silver (if not, it's made of copper), and we're taking it to separate housing. We can plug the import cable with the right section and the silverware. The number of dwellings will depend on the cable section, the more, the better, everyone knows.

Each dwelling is polished separately.

We'll tie one end to the low-returning engine, and the other to the rotating axis, and pull it. Put on one side the fishing log and start.
We don't need to sleep, we'll follow the turns. When we've got the wood to the other end, we'll have a knot.

Every vaccinated dwelling wears a thermo landing, separates the horses and sprinkles. I made bi-wiring.

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