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Домашний кинотеатр своими рукамиDo you want to go home and sound like a movie theater? It's simple, there's so-called domestic electronics in any store. Home movies.satisfying any wallet. Then why do you ask me if there's an IT company specializing in this direction? In order to answer this question, we have placed below an article recommending the selection and installation of a home cinema on our own. And we'll be happy if this information helps you, and you can create a cinema at home. But if you're facing a bigger challenge or you just don't have time to do it, go to us!


KYNOTEAP, a system of devices consisting of decoder, multi-channel force, acoustic systems, saboteur, video source and display devices. The first home cinemas appeared in the late 1980s.
Профессиональный домашний кинотеатр The appearance of the home cinema was caused by the development of a special sound path of the modern Dolby Surround film format, which is divided into six channels: three frontal (left, central and right), two pumps ( left and right) and a low frequency sabotage to reproduce bass effects. In the cinema theater, these channels appear to be multitude of columns with a combined capacity of up to 2 kW (up to 300 Wt per channel). The installation of such large-scale equipment requires a special room, often with a forced cooling system.
A home cinema can be built to create this effect in its own apartment. If the Dolby Surround system turns four sound channels (left, central, right and rear) into two, the Dolby Surround Pro Logic home movie theater reversals and restores a full sound picture. All these operations require Dolby Stereo Signal, Dolby Pro Logic and Columns.
Dolby Surround can have any sources of stereos Signal: films, television stereo broadcasts, stereovistes, laser video discs or DVDs (usually video and audio cassettes, DVDs and CD-ROMs on which sound is recorded in the Dolby Surround system, the Dolby logo is on this television program.

House cinema equipment

Video signals (videophone, DVD, satellite reciver), a booster, processor and monitor (televisor, plasma panel, television or projector; the more visible diagnostic monitor, the better). The simplest way to create. ♪ ♪

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