Make A Scooch With Your Hands


Shoeproofing the car with its hands

The car for many has become the second house: long traffic, frequent trips, a wheel office. He wants to live his life with comfort. Listen to good music, don't overburden yourself with street noise, don't distract the loud sounds from under the bonnet. It is for these purposes that it is recommended to make noise isolation of a vehicle that is sufficiently democratic. This procedure will rid the owner of the headache caused by the sound of the outside.

фото4.jpgAutomobile insulation is a key factor in comfort, clean acoustic and safety. Although if you're reading these lines, the question of the value of noise is already resolved for you. We've got to figure out how to make the car soundproof with our hands. Let's figure it out together.

Let's start by what tools we need:

1. (crossing, thorn, sometimes star)
2. It's a cloth.
3. A knife.
4. Scissors.
5.фото5.jpg Figs e.g. Naphraz, Galosa gasoline, a technical dehydration device (the surface of the metal before making noise material needs to be cleaned and dehydrated, not using normal petrol and kerosene).

It's the basic list of tools you'll need if you decide to make noise isolation. with your hands.

Check it out. Everything available? Here we go.

Locking of doors

Of course, the first thing we have to do is remove the decorative door latch.

фото7.jpgWhen this process has been completed, we can proceed directly to noise insulation.

1. Vibration materials (vibolization).

It is necessary to heal their own structural vibrations of doors and reduce street noise and transport.

The " street " panel is stP Aero.

Come on! There's no need to put material on the rudder.

2. Processing of sound absorbing materials (simplification).

It is necessary to absorb and disperse the sound wave from the dynamics, making the sound more qualitative, and it is also necessary to soundproof the street noise and transport and to heatize.

On top of the vibration material on the " street " panel, the cliffing sound absorbing Accent material. It shall cover the maximum area of this panel.

фото11.jpg фото16.jpg

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